News & Info to Share

The range of format, scale and texture of products has been growing at a tremendous rate, and we thought we'd would share a couple of interesting products... not brand new, but special in their way.

Bati Orient - Coffee Tree Mosaic


The wood mosaic tile is Coffee Tree Mosaic from BATI ORIENT (represented by Conestoga Tile) and comes in at a price point in the low $20s/sf; and the indoor/outdoor rug product is Looping from ZENITH RUGS (represented by Out Design Group)... but it comes in at about $100/sf.

Experts Corner

When trying to obtain the REGIONAL MATERIALS credit we are all used to thinking in the terms of 500 Miles.  However, LEED allows for a "weighted average" to be used if alterative methods of shipping are utilized.  The formula is as follows:

Transport by Rail : Divide the total distance by 3

Transport by Inland Waterway : Divide the total distanceby 2

Transport by Sea : Divide the total distance by 15

So... if you have product that you would love to use, but it is outside the 500 mile radius; see if you can coordinate deliery via rail by communicating with the vendor.  Depending on the product, this might be their standard method anyway.





Altro, a major resilient flooring manufacturer in the healthcare and education markets has just announced that it is removing biocides and antimcrobials from its products.

Pantone has announced their COLOR OF THE YEAR... and its a green that seems to wiggle between the vibrant neon vairety and the more staid leaf.  The color is their GREENARY