Product Showcase

This is a tile from one of the smaller rep groups, and we thought that it was so cute that designers in our community would enjoy it.

The product is called HIVE and the glass versions shown in the pic are the DIAMOND style. The product comes in mesh-mounted sheet formats that are a bit more than 1.3 sq/ft.  With a cost of between $14-17/sheet depending on the size of the job, you can get a pretty big visual punch on a reasonable budget.

The local rep for the line is Jesse Haberstitch of Creative Materials Corp.

Recently we have received a couple of inquiries regarding custom mosaics, and these were a prompt to let designers know about an experience that we had with a custom mosaic installed at the Resource Studio.  Below are the photo from which the mosaic was made and a couple of images of the installed mosaic.

We learned of this tool from Deborah MacPherson of WDG, and thought that others might have an interest in using the tool to both determine the age and orginal architect of the buildings you may be doing work in.






We are very sad to share the news of the passing of our friend and colleague Jan Dwyer.  Having been a very active part of the design community in Washington DC for 13 years, Jan touched many of us with her quick wit, ready smile, and innate concern for others.  With Jan having had such an impact in our community, and having heard from so many designers and reps expressing their concern and best wishes, we thought it appropriate to let everyone know of her passing.

Most readers of this post will know that Jan fought a condition that, while long undiagnosed, slowly diminished her physical dynamism; but NEVER came close to overcoming her courage.  Even when her disease was finally determined to be ALS, an unconquered foe, Jan did not falter.  She remained unshakably positive, exuding a grace of spirit that was inspiring and humbling.

With our prayers for Jan and her family.

The Library Resources team

- Lynne, Adrian, Iris, Ilkim, Jessica and Evan

Clestra Hauserman, for decades the leader in office fronts and glass door systems, has introduced a customizable collaborative teaming product - Irys.

Country Floors, a division of Marble Systems, offers the TEMPLE BRICK line, a product that is actually made locally in Chantilly, VA.

Large format tiles these days are now commonly available in sizes of 4x8' and larger... and they are becoming incredibly realistic as a stone mimic, and outight cool when going abstract. 

The tiles above happen happen to be from the PLANE series by STONEPEAK, and the  3x3' samples are at the RESOURCE STUDIO if you want to take a look in person.  There are however, beautiful products from other groups, including LAMINAM from Crossville, SLIM SLAB from Architectural Ceramics, and SLIMLITE from Daltile.


Maharam has introduced a rug collection that has truly unique elements, that we have never seen before.  Though we have included a couple of pictures, the scale of some of the loops and textures truly have to be seen in person to be appreciated.

In the DC area your local Maharam reps will be able to show you samples, or you can stop by the Resource Studio to see the selection of samples that we have on hand.

THE RESOURCE STUDIO will be closed on  Wednesday, November 26, Thursday, November 27 and on Friday, November 28 to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday.

It is with sincerest gratitude that we thank all of our clients. It is a privilege to work with you.
For your assistance, we will be available by email:,

Happy Thanksgiving from Adrian, Candace, Iris, Jan, Lynne

The new website for the RESOURCE STUDIO has gone live.  For more information on the project, including pricing, please visit the new site.