Sep 20
Aug 19

Teknion Textiles is now LUUM TEXTILES.  All of the former Teknion patterns are still current and can still be specified. 

Jul 20

Arborite, a division of Wilsonart has acquired Lamin-Art.  Representation and product offerings have not changed as a result.

Jun 08

The Berman Glass line will  include the kiln cast, fused and sculptural glass. Forms and Surfaces will have their Vivid Glass.'

Ann Kerstetter will continue to represent Berman Glass and Katie Hynes, the Forms & Surfaces Representatiave will represent all of the other Forms &...

May 27

This merger will take place on June 1. Jan Zanger will become a partner in the new entity along with.Tom Albert, Tim Gunther and Erin McDannald.

May 23

Tara Rohland has parted ways with ArcCom, and has joined Kimball.  A replacement at ArcCom has not yet been named and local queries shoul go to their showroom, tel # 202-863-2900 or via e-mail at dcshowroom@arc-com.

May 13

Samsung Surfaces as merged with Lotte Chemical; a multi-national busines division of LOTTE GROUP.headquarterd in Korea and Japan.    The new name is Lotte Advanced Materials USA, Inc.

Mar 31

The acquisition will be finalized as soon as the stockholders approve which is spected to be by the end of the first quarter of 2017.

Jan 31

After forty-plus years in the business Eric Immediato of Chesapeake Lighting has been a rep that many of us in the design community have leaned on for decades.  Eric was always a pleasure to work with was very generous in sharing his knowledge and hard-won insights.  His colleague...

Jan 30

3Form has decided to re-integrate the products of the standard 3FORM line and the 3FORM STUDIOS line.  As a result, Jamie Kessler-Reynolds will not longer be representing the STUDIOS line.  Whomever is your rep for the standard 3FORM line will not be handling STUDIOS related inquiries as well....