New Flooring Installation Alternative


No down time – No cure time. The homeowner will return to a fresh new space they can use right away instead of a construction site that is off limits.

  • No special tools or skill sets are needed to use the MIGHTY-EASY Wood Flooring Installation Solution. The ease of installation and very short learning curve allows a greater pool of installation labor to draw from.

  • Cost savings - The total cost for MIGHTY-EASY for a 350 SF wood flooring project using contract installers is a MINIMUM of 5% less then direct glue.


MIGHTY-EASY gets rid of all adhesive related claims like

- Hazing on the finish. This happens when adhesive gets on the floor and is not removed quickly.

- Glue spots on the flooring or walls.

- Accidental board movement prior to the adhesive setting.

- Tape residue on the floor - No need to tape the boards.


MIGHTY-EASY provides superior acoustics

- 10 dB interior sound reduction as compared to concrete.

- Superior sound/vibration reduction - IIC of 62 and a STC of 54 using a 3/4" solid wood floor over 6" slab, with no ceiling below.


MIGHTY-EASY is mighty good for the environment

- No odor, VOC free and safe for everyone. Meets all LEED IAQ requirements.

- MIGHTY-EASY allows the wood or bamboo flooring to be removed instead of being demolished, allowing the opportunity for re-use.

- No PVC is used in the MIGHTY-EASY membrane or plastic film. MIGHTY-EASY Vapor-Block is PVC Free.


MIGHTY-EASY Vapor-Block provides inexpensive protection from the wood flooring industries #1 claim, sub-floor moisture.