Mar 13
Feb 25

The long-time and very good rep for Cambria and Neolith, Chris Quinn, has parted ways with Marva Marble.  The lines are now being represented by George Kyriacou

Feb 19

Daniela Bottini, formerly of Masland, has joined J+J as a commerical sales rep in the Washington DC area. 

Jan 30

Somehow the news escaped us, but the acquisition took place in October.  As we understand it, our local reps will be sharing and showing both lines.  So far there is no news about name changes for the products.

Jan 10

Roger Boucher, the long-time sales rep for Abet Laminati, will be changing his focus to their exterior cladding products.  The new rep for the standard interior laminate products is Ann Kerstetter.

Jan 03

Janine Guerin, a multiline rep, has taken over the role of local sales representative for INNOVATIONS, the wallcovering and upholstery group based in NYC.

Dec 20
Dec 17

The long time representative for Atlas Carpet, Sara Kallay, has taken a position as the DC area sales representative for EGE carpets.

Nov 08

Older news, but we had an inquiry about Jofco and thought we might show it as an announcement as a reminder

Nov 07