Oct 03
Aug 26

Many, if not most of you, who has working with Vittorio Pomante of Mosaic Tile, received his notice on Friday of last week that he was parting ways with Mosaic Tile, where he has worked for the past 9 years.  We do not yet know what the next step is for Vittorio, but we are hoping to have the...

Aug 20

Bernhardt Contract and Bernhardt Textiles are parting ways with their long-time local sales group Design Products.  New reps are presently being evaluated, but until one has been appointed, please contact their Product Sales Manager - ...

Aug 08

The long time specification and sales rep for Benjamin Moore, Jackie Passaro, is leaving the company effective August 15th.  We may be seeing Jackie again in her new role with Johnsonite, which she will be starting in the near future. 

Aug 01

Lynda Welte, a familiar face to many in the DC design community, took over the Kravet Contract lines effective July 22nd.  Lynda, has however, dropped Appian Textiles and Tiger Leather, and no local representation replacements have been...

Aug 01

Jake Kelly, the long-time Eykon Wallcovering sales rep has moved to MDC, servicing the Northern, VA territory.  No Eykon replacement has been named to replace Jake in the territory, so you may want to keep in mind that there will not be...

Jul 23

Michelle Stone joins the local rep team of Robin Wasserman and Vito Vita.

Jul 08

Christine Papachristos has been joined by Mr. Dana Matassa as the KNOLL TEXTILES representatives in the Washington DC and Norther Virginia territories.  For those that have not heard the news, the long-time rep for the region, Deena...

Jun 24

Maharam has found a replacement for Stephanie Radomsky - Mary Beth Schepp.  Our understanding is that she will be covering all of the accounts that Stepahnie had.

Jun 20

For a long time Daltile has not been actively supporting their long-time chip-chest sample kits.  It has apparently become a formal position, and it is recommended that these sets be disposed of.