May 09

Many of you may remember Chris Quinn in his role with Wilsonart, and later as the main contact for Silestone.  He is bringing his expertise and high level of service to architects and designers though a new role with Marva Marble.  Marva sells and fabricates stone, and also represents Cambria,...

Apr 06

The parent company of Gunlocke (HNI) purchased HBF a while back; and the parent company decided on a national basis that they would move representation of the HBF lines (furniture & textiles) from independent reps to the representatives for Gunlocke.  This change is officially supposed to...

Apr 04

We learned from one of the last employees at NOOD, that they discontinued all styles as of the end of January 2012 and have no plans to re-introduce the line. 

Mar 19

Barbara Shipley is no longer representing Wilsonart Laminate through Reico Distributors.  Reico has taken on the distributorship of the Nevamar/Pionite laminate lines.  Barbara  will now be representing those lines. 
Michael Milner continues to be the Wilsonart factory representative.

Feb 29

One of our local Johnsonite sales reps, Elizabeth Turner, has taken on a new role with the company.  For the time being, Donna Sisson, well be taking over all of the local architecture/design accounts. You can find Donna's contact info in the following link :...

Jan 24

Our lead librarian, Lynne Boyle, had been hearing rumors that the carpet manufacturer, NOOD was potentially going out of business.  So she picked up the phone and called them directly to get the scoop.  The service representative informed Lynne that there were minimums of 2500 sq/yds for...

Jan 11

Renewed Materials, the manufacturer of the Alkemi solid surface product, is undertaking some major changes in manufacturing equipment.  During this period the Alkemi Acrylic product will be out of production.  However, the Alkemi Polyster product should remain in production and be available. ...

Dec 19

DBL (David Burrows Limited) has taken over the Sina Pearson fabric line.  The outside sales reps for the group are :

David Burrows

Kelly Reeves

Tara Rohland

Dec 04

Fortune Carpet, formerly represented soley by Yvonne Kovacic, is now also being represented by ALKS. Yvonne, while still a factory represetative for Fortune, is now also representing the full ALKS portfolio of products.

Sep 09

Leslie Jones, an experiened interior design professional has joined Mosaic Tile Company.  Leslie's e-mail address is: