Crossville has released their new decorative wall tile, Sideview Glass. This is one that you are going to need to see in person.

For many years there have been paper-based solid surface products available from companies such as Richlite, Paperstone, and Shetkastone, and now Panolam has introduced Ecostone; which is made from nearly 100% recycled papers and uses a phenolic resin as the binder, and has a broader range of colors than its competitors.


BETONA represents and entirely new class of tile product, that fills a need as both a truly sustainable tile product and a unique product easily customizable with graphics or a special color choice. 

The product is made using 50% POST CONSUMER glass sourced from such items as windshields. windows and light bulbs; and is manufacturered without being kiln-fired (cured at room temperature).  One additinal bonus... it is made in the USA (Michigan).

The product is being represented in the Washington DC area by Mosaic Tile Co.


Object Carpet has a huge range of carpet products, but we could not resist showing a couple of their coolest offerings.  The cost of these carpets is quite high; but sometimes you see something cool enough to justify such costs.  The Object Vulcano is one of those products.

ON THE GRID - DC's Competition EntryMannington Carpet has an ongoing design competition for which there is a Washington DC entry composed of designers from a range of firms.  Please visit this link to vote for the DC Design Team, and their ON THE GRID design.


The detBocci Outletails count... and the 22 Collection from Bocci, makes a difference for those design spaces where every detail is accounted for.  The company offers a range of products from standard outlets to network and coaxial connection ports, all without the ubiquitous cover plate.


Library Resources had not had direct experience with Arktura, the manufacturer of this increbible bench; but we saw this piece and took a look at others in the collection - and could not resist. To smooth...

Vintage Industrial is a company that manufactures a wide range of furnishings with an industrial aesthetic. The use of heavy table bases and tube & bar chairs brings to mind the pieces that one might see from companies specializes in "rescuing" pieces from soon to be demolished relics of our productive past (one such company being Urban Remains).

How often do any of us find a product that is not only unique, but is also green?  It happens from time to time, but rare is the product that is, unique, green, and affordable?

One such product is the ECOVATION wall panel from Historic Timber and Plank.  In short, ECOVATION is a unitized wall panel system that utilizes the scraps from the manufacturing of flooring and timber products.  Because the product is essentially scrap (post-industrial) and is scrap from reclaimed wood (post consumer) you can not get greener.

it is also affordable, coming in at $10-12 square foot material cost.  For more information go to the showcase page.

There is a new option for those that want to consider a sustainable wall base.  The ECOLIBRIUM branded wall base from Johnsonite/Tarkett utilizes crushed walnut shells and oyster shells to manufacture the product.           The following are some of the bullet points from the manufacturer.

  • Contains 15% pre-consumer recycled content and 100% natural filler
  • Includes no phthalates, halogens or chlorine
  • Weighs 25% less than traditional base, requiring less energy and cost for transportation
  • NSF-332 Certified Platinum for sustainability
  • Floorscore Certified for good indoor air quality