This appears to be a truly new technology that carries the name ESL, which stands for Electron Stimulated Luminescence. According to the manufacturer, ESL uses accelerated electrons to stimulate phosphor - creating light. The technology is suppose to provide the same light quality as incandescent bulbs, but is 70% more efficient. The ESL bulb also does not contain the mercury that has proved to be a disposal problem with compact flourescent bulbs. The downside is that the product does not go into full manufacturing until 2011, and will be manufactured in Europe. For more details on the product, click on the pic.

For those of you that remember sending deposit slips through pneumatic tubes while at the bank drive-thru (dating ourselves), now its your turn to try the tube! From our evaluation, it appears that this product could prove to be a unique solution to lift requirements where you do not have the space or the money for a traditional lift, and want to avoid the unattractive aesthetic of most ADA lifts. The Pneumatic Elevator does not require a pit, and can be installed quickly. For more information visit the vendors's site by clicking on the pic.